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what we do

architecture & interior design

arhitecture & interior design

Design of architecture, engineering, interior design or product concept are our passions. We design and create spaces where you live, work or relax. Concept designed and developed each item or product that you need.

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fit out & interior solutions

amenajari & solutii interioare

Fit out and interior solutions, furniture, their production and their implementation is one of our main concerns. The spaces where we live, work or relax, influences our lives, change our visions, define our emotions… or not!

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  limited edition   furniture

mobilier editii limitate

Limited edition furniture series is the result of product design. We have designed and manufactured, ideas and innovative concepts, contemporary or avant-garde furniture. We created for you limited edition furniture.

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depa – decorative panels

decorative panels 3D wood

depa – our proposal is bold decorative panels for wall cladding, furniture fronts, side panels and partitions, ceilings, cutting up, decorations and many other creative things for the desired environment.

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about us

ATIPIC 15 years story

We started knowing that the man in essence, is unique. Today, after more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of projects, we know that man is unique. Passion, determination, research and innovation are the criteria that underpin our vision of space and the people who use it, the ideas, concepts and dreams ATIPIC team. All these have resulted in successful projects in our and our clients’ satisfaction.


doru d.


the imagination don't have limits, same like dreams !

delia r.


daniel s.

tehnical details manager

mirela g.

project manager

dinu r.


carol g.


ciprian c.


andreea b.


anca d.


luiza d.



ATIPIC contact :


DN5 - sos. Giurgiului 271, com. 1 Decembrie, Ilfov, Romania
Phone: +4 021 2531 579  ;  Fax: +4 021 2531 578


program :

Monday - Friday    : 9am to 5pm
Saturday - Sunday : Closed

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